Welcome to LIZZIE + RUTH


I was born in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and raised in the beautiful boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan, on my grandparent’s homestead. I was privileged to grow up surrounded by nature’s beauty, which fostered in me a deep love and respect of nature.

My love of sewing comes to me as a gift through the generations. I have loved it ever since I can remember. My great-grandmother could look at pictures of clothing in the Eaton's catalogue, and was able to sew items just from looking at the pictures! These traditions and passions were passed down to me from my great-grandmother, through my grandmother and mother.

Because of my love of nature, natural fabrics have always been my favorite. I have been wearing mostly linen and cotton my entire life and rarely wear man-made fabrics. I was introduced to bamboo fabrics a few years ago, when I was having a hard time sleeping in the summer heat, and it has been a staple of my wardrobe ever since. I feel the need to share my love of bamboo as there are so many others who could benefit from its natural properties.

As an artist, conveyor belt sewing has never appealed to me. Nothing compares to the first experience of hearing a song or viewing an artist's work. To stay fresh and creative, my clothing has been lovingly designed and created one piece at a time, by my hands only! I am offering you my labor of love, my works of art. I am beyond excited to share my own unique designs with you. My goal and purpose are to offer timeless, signature core pieces that are high-quality, functional, stylish and comfortable. Enjoy!